.BW name structure

The structure of a domain name within the .bw DNS has three levels. Each complete name must be unique and comprise all three levels, each separated by a period (.) i.e. name.domain.bw.

 ContentLevel of domainPurpose
bw Country Fixed as .bw for all domains delegated to, and managed by, the Registry
Domain Second Specifies a "community of interest" as defined in .bw policy 
Name Third Names listed on behalf of users, must be consistent with .bw policy 
Sub-Domain Fourth and subsequent  Responsibility of the registrant of the third level name. 

bw Registrations at the level have been stoped,all entities who are currently registered under this level will be given a 3 year grace period to migrate to any other level.
co.bw For commercial entities
org.bw For non profit organisations
ac.bw For academic institutions
net.bw same as co.bw and gov.bw
gov.bw For government instutions

Source: http://nic.net.bw/
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