How to transfer .BW domain name

Follow these steps to transfer your .BW domain to us

1. Use this link to retrieve an authorization key (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) for the domain you wish to transfer. 
2. Click on the button labelled "Key Retrieval",  and fill in the name of the domain you wish to transfer. A confirmation Email will be sent to the email address associated with the domain.
3. Access the Email and click on the confirmation link and the code will be sent.
4. Having received the code, open the portal to initial the transfer process.
5. Enter the domain name you want to transfer and Click transfer

6. Enter the retrieved Auth Code/Epp Code and add to cart
7. Click "Continue" button on the "Domains Configuration" page.

8. Scroll down on the "Review & Checkout" page, to choose your preferred currency. After you have chosen your preferred currency, Click the "Checkout" button.
9. Enter your personal details and billing information to checkout. (NB: Login with your credentials if you have already registered with us.)  

10. Choose your preferred  payment method, then you must accept our Terms Of Service, and complete the order. 

11. The system will process your domain renewal payment and initiate the Transfer Registrar process. (NB. Domain Transfer service is free of charge, the payment required will extend the registration period of the domain by an additional year.)

12. The Registry will send a confirmation email to the listed domain admin and registrant contact email address. Make sure to click on the link provided to confirm your details.

13. The registry will notify your current registrar about your transfer request. Some registrars have added their own confirmation requirements for transfer out, so please be aware of these procedures. If your current registrar takes no action, the transfer is automatically completed after a grace period of 30 - 45 days. In the event that your current registrar refuses the transfer process, you will have to contact them to resolve any outstanding issues.

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